Harmony Mundi

Why Harmony Mundi?

The founder and sole member-manager, Swiss-born Shunyam Chris Long,

has been in the business of jewelry design and manufacturing for the past 27 years.

His goal is to provide to customers with:

Highest quality Gem Stone

Best quality Sterling Silver

Best quality workman ship possible

Fair compensation for quality work

Lowest possible prices

Our production unit is based in Pune, India, supporting a cottage industry of skilled goldsmiths

who pride themselves in the use of traditional methods and tools.

We believe in fair trade and fair compensation for quality work. That said, we are

still able to offer the lowest possible prices by not overinflating the cost of materials.

This creates a win-win situation for both our producers and you, the customer.


We mix our own sterling silver by purchasing the alloy from Legor,

a well-established world market leader in the production of master alloys. 

This allows us to guarantee that all of our sterling silver products are

100% nickel-free, thus hypo-allergenic as well as anti-tarnish. 

Before being shipped to the US and Canada, each piece of jewelry goes through strict quality control,

 assuring superior products at every phase of production.