Ever since January 2006, we have been participating annually in the largest show of its kind,

 the Tucson Gem Show in Arizona, USA.

Come and see all we have to offer!


For the 14th year in a row, we are in the Court Pavilion (booths 2-3-4) at the 

Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show in Tucson, AZ  

Tucson, Arizona Gem Show
Jan/Feb 2021 Show is Cancelled
Join us for Jan/Feb 2022 Show

If you would like to view samples or purchase products from the comfort of your own shop, simply phone or email one of the contacts below to see if a meeting is geographically possible.

Call or Email for your Pick Box!

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Since 2007, Stone Palace Inc.

 has been our sole distributor for the USA.


Cal Callahan, partner

Stone Palace Inc.

Richmond, Virginia

Tel: 804-967-9280

Email: harmonymundi@cacsales.com

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Harmony Mundi Canada

 has been distributing our jewelry since 1996.


Khoji Vihara, partner

Harmony Mundi Canada

Kimberley, BC

Tel: 780-226-9116

Email: cosmoswithin@gmx.com


At present this website is just showcasing our jewelry,

making it possible for you to view our pieces. 

In the near future, however, you will be able

 to place wholesale orders directly online.